Five on Fridaymusings on mental health

We are hardwired to experience fear, and if we didn’t know fear, we would be in serious trouble (same with pain). When does fear serve us? And when does it become maladaptive and increase risk for mental health problems?

Five Boro Bike Tour

Our Global Mental Health Program was a charity partner in the 2017 Five Boro Bike Tour this past May – 18 riders strong, who pedaled to raise funds and awareness for mental health.

In Praise of Folly: Global Mental Health Award for Innovation in the Arts

On November 9th, the Global Mental Health Program presented acclaimed Venezuelan artist and filmmaker JAVIER TÉLLEZ with the 2nd Global Mental Health Award for Innovation in the Arts. Moderated by John Hanhardt, Consulting Senior Curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the event included film clips, lecture, and discussion with this extraordinary artist.

Hot topicMental health around the world
Celebrating International Women's Day 2017

My first stop on March 8th, International Women's Day, was teaching a class with five extraordinary women from around the world who are members of our Global Mental Health Program. Here are their bold ideas for change when it comes to women and mental health.

Our mission

Pioneering research initiatives. Promoting mental health.
Reducing the burden of mental illness worldwide.

Education & Training

Offering a wide range of educational opportunities for students, clinicians and researchers interested in advancing global mental health.


Committed to increasing knowledge that has real impact, members of our GMHP engage in research initiatives on a wide range of mental health priorities around the world.

Advocacy and the Arts

Engaging the Arts as a lens through which to encounter, educate, and understand mental illness represents a poignant and powerful tool that has the capacity to traverse cultural boundaries and societal stigma.