2017 Summer Interns!

2017 Summer Interns!

Hakeem Shoola

Hakeem Shoola is a rising senior from the University of Texas at Austin. (Hook em Horns!!) Hakeem is currently a nursing major and has future aspirations to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner upon graduation. His passion lies in educating the public on mental illnesses and reducing stigma surrounding mental health. One day Hakeem hopes to change the mental health system to one where all people are able to get the help they need without stigma and fear.

Lizzie Adler

Originally from Westchester, New York, Lizzie Adler is a rising senior at Duke University, where she studies psychology and neuroscience. Lizzie has always had a strong interest in trauma research, and has worked at Duke’s Center for Autism as well as a pain management lab. She shares: “Global Mental Health is an imperative issue that is applicable to all psych and neuro research, which is why I am excited to be working for such an important program this summer. I think I will learn a lot about the ways in which my interests in psychology are applicable to many different fields within global mental health.”

Uma Guarnaccia

Uma Guarnaccia is a rising senior at NYU studying Applied Psychology with a minor in Media, Culture, and Communication. She became interested in the field of Global Mental Health while studying in Ghana for four months, and became passionate about learning how to combat the stigma surrounding mental health in low resource communities and how those communities can gain more access to mental health resources. In addition, her research interests lie in migrant and refugee mental health. She is very excited to be joining the Global Mental Health Program team as an intern this summer!

Sara Wetzler

Sara Wetzler is a rising sophomore at Harvard University considering concentrating in History and Science with a focus in Mind, Brain, and Behavior and pursuing the Global Health and Health Policy secondary. Her passion for global health stems from her interest and work in microfinance. In the past, she has done neuroscience research relating to cerebellum disorders, and she has also studied child cognitive and neurological development for her bioethics course where she explored what age minors should be included in medical decision-making. Her activities on campus include Partners in Health Engage, Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum, club basketball, and is a writer for Spoon University. She is also the Director of Workshops and Speakers for the Latinas Empowerment and Development conference. Sara looks forward to continuing her work in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and spreading awareness of its importance, as she believes that there is no health without mental health.

Natalie Zhao

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Natalie Zhao graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School and is currently a Nursing major and a rising senior at Adelphi University in Long Island, NY. As a member of Columbia’s Summer Public Health Scholars Program, Natalie is working towards merging her interests within the fields of mental health, public health, and nursing. Guided by her passion for serving underserved communities and identifying social determinants of health, she intends to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector after graduation.