Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Josh Adler

Josh Adler is a senior at New York University. He is in the Applied Psychology program with a minor in Sociology. He is from New York. For the past year and a half, Josh’s research has focused on socioeconomic disparities and mental health outcomes. More recently, Josh has become interested in the bidirectional relation between the effects of incarceration and mental health through a sociocultural lens. Josh is passionate about working with individuals, but also highlighting individuals’ struggles as implications for necessary macro-level, structural change. He is currently a post-bachelor fellow at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Michaella Baker (Co-Chair)

Michaella Baker is a recent graduate of the Yale School of Public Health, with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Science and Global Health. Her Master’s Thesis focused on the impact of the ACA Medicaid expansions on Americans with mental illness. She graduated from Yale University in 2016, majoring in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health and as a Global Health Scholar. At GMHP, she is the Co-Chair of the Student Advisory Board, working to encourage mental health research and advocacy among students. Ms. Baker has interned at the ABC National News Medical Unit and continues her work as a graduate research assistant at the Yale Department of Psychiatry, running studies looking at serious mental illness and the criminal justice system. After graduation, Ms. Baker will work as a Communication and Advocacy Fellow at Global Health Strategies in New York City.

Ali Bloomgarden

Ali Bloomgarden is a senior at New York University studying Applied Psychology, with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. She is from Los Angeles, CA. Ali has spent the last year working with girls in the juvenile justice system. Her experience has fostered her desire to understand the mental health disparities in youth involved with the juvenile justice system through a contextual, multi-level and interdisciplinary approach. Ali is passionate about working with individuals to address oppression-related mental health disparities and ultimately inform system change.

Julia Pike-Forster

Julia Pike-Forster is a Psychology and Political Science major in her first year at Johns Hopkins University. She is interested in studying policy regarding mental health and other stigmatized diseases. Over the summer of 2015, she worked as a teacher at the East Harlem school, which helped her realize her passion for studying childhood development and the ways in which a child’s environment can affect their minds. For her senior project in high school, she developed a curriculum that was integrated into the introductory biology class at her school, meant to introduce students to the biological background, importance, and pervasiveness of mental illness. At Johns Hopkins she is participating in the Sexual Assault Research Unit – a club which provides a 24 hour hotline for sexual assault survivors and works to destigmatize and raise awareness of sexual violence – and Active Minds.

Jaclyn Schess

Jaclyn Schess (Yale College, 2018) is from Syosset, New York. She is a Global Health Fellow studying economics and specifically interested in empirical microeconomics as it can inform health policy decision-making. Jaclyn hopes for her career to focus on global mental health, working at the intersection of research and policy. She has worked as a research assistant at the Queensland Center for Mental Health Research under the direction of Dr. Harvey Whiteford and is serving as lead author on a paper investigating government expenditure on services for mental health carers in Australia. She was also involved in work evaluating the implementation of WHO’s mhGAP in Fiji. She is looking forward to serving as a research intern at Sangath, in Goa, India this summer in their Addictions Research Group. Jaclyn is interested in pursing graduate work in the UK in health economics and/or health policy and a PhD in health policy relating to mental health down the road. You can reach Jaclyn at

Zoe Siegel (Co-Chair)

Zoe Siegel just graduated NYU with a focus in Global Public Health and Applied Psychology. As she continues as a co-chair of the Student Advisory Board, she will be starting her career at Drum Major Institute working on a voting rights campaign in New York City and nationwide. During Zoe’s free time, she enjoys reading James Baldwin and eating ice cream.

Sarah Wetzler

Sara Wetzler is a Freshman at Harvard University considering concentrating in Human Evolutionary Biology and pursuing the Global Health and Health Policy secondary. Her passion for global health stems from her interest and work in microfinance. She also studied child cognitive and neurological development for her bioethics course where she explored what age minors should be included in medical decision-making. Her activities on campus include Partners in Health Engage, Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum, club basketball, and is a writer for Spoon University. She is also the associate director of corporate relations for the Latinas Empowerment and Development (LEAD) conference. Sara looks forward to continuing her work in reducing the stigma behind mental health and spreading awareness of its importance as she believes that there is no health without mental health.

Gabrielle Williams

Gabrielle Williams is a Master of Public Health candidate at The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. She is currently studying Health Policy, with plans of completing an additional certificate in Health Administration. Gabrielle earned her BA in Sociology with a focus on race and ethnic relations from Georgia State University. After graduating, she interned with Columbia University’s Global Mental Health program which sparked her research interest in mental health policy and the criminalization of mental health disorders.

Jamal Yearwood

Jamal is from Saginaw, Michigan and studied Spanish and Economics at Albion College.He is currently a post-bachelor fellow at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and was previously an intern in the Global Mental Health Program, where he researched pediatric epilepsy in Cameroon. Jamal is particularly interested in the economic impact of mental health and how technology is changing conversations around anxiety and depression.