Featured Films & Video

As understanding and awareness about issues in Global Mental Health — and Mental Health more generally — has continued to grow, multiple media platforms are increasingly being used to share stories about personal struggles, connect individuals with resources and build supportive online communities, and convey life-saving information to those in need, their loved ones, and the broader community.

Here, we feature video clips, film trailers, and other visual media that shed light on key issues in the field, promote awareness and knowledge, and convey powerful messages of progress and hope.

Current Feature

Into the Light is an uplifting PBS documentary about a psychologist who, while counseling veterans with PTSD, comes to terms with her own emotional trauma and searches for her schizophrenic mother whom she has not seen in 40 years.

Past Features

That Way Madness Lies: Three months into Duanne’s first court-ordered 180-day commitment at Oregon State Hospital, Sandra Luckow, his sister and filmmaker,  visited him. He gave her his iPhone with 250 video clips. He wanted his experience documented.

Kings Park: A feature documentary directed by Lucy Winer, Kings Park offers an inside look at public mental health care in America by focusing on the story of this now abandoned institution.

Mental Health: The Best Kept Secret. Columbia GMHP Director Dr. Kathy Pike explains in less  than a minute and a half, the importance and urgency of  making mental health a priority today.

Engaging the Arts to Advocate  for Individuals with Mental Illness:  Columbia University Seminar on Global Mental Health: Robin Hammond, filmmaker.

Riding My Way Back – A Story about a Veteran, A Horse, and Hope: A short documentary co-directed by Robin Fryday and Peter Rosenbaum. Columbia University Screening & Panel Discussion.

Here One Day:  Using Film to Reduce Stigma and Raise Awareness About Mental  Illness. Narrative Medicine Rounds: Kathy Leichter, filmmaker.

Hidden Pictures: A Personal Journey into Global Mental Health.  An award-winning documentary film by Delaney Ruston. Global Screening Event.